Mosaila is the new born brand of seasonal fruits from Romagna region, in Italy, that you have always longed for.

We have been asked to give shape and create what the two young fruit entrepreneurs had in mind: craft and design the first Italian private fruit brand that gathers the premium varieties of a region and emphasizes its identity and quality.


Provenance, taste, freshness. A whole sensorial experience.
The best fruit varieties of Romagna amaze you for their sweetness, quality and super taste. Here, specifically in the plains and hills or Ravenna, we manage to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the produce that are traditional and typical of the area.

Mosaila produce not only look great, but they are always fresh, seasonal, sweet, and with their juicy and delicious flesh, make you experience the territory they come from. Ravenna is known worldwide for its Bizantine mosaics and we combined this historical and cultural element together with the identity of the region and the new brand.

Colour, sweetness, vitality, joy.

Blending mosaics, a sensual colour palette, shapes and tone of voice together with a local but international-driven approach, we wanted to give a high-end positioning to a new born brand that strives to share the hand picking of the fruit and of the region with you.